Wednesday, February 27 at 18, in the Hall of the Ancient Portico in the Ducal Palace of Guastalla, with the Mayor Camilla Verona, the Director of Progettinfanzia Cristian Fabbi and the author Alexia Salati, Edizioni libre presented the book Un senso nel tempo. The book tells the story of Educational Services in the Bassa Reggiana, from the nineteenth century to the present day.

The history of the educational services of the Bassa Reggiana is a common history: the right to an education of excellence. Through interviews, testimonies, written and oral stories, the author has collected and narrated the events and figures that have built over time the educational experience that is a model even outside the national borders.
From the first testimonies of 19th century “asylum” in which the first modern experiences in the pedagogical field are consolidated and spread – through the feminine movements of the Seventies, to arrive at the delegations that every year visit the preschools of the Bassa Reggiana.
The contribution of Cristian Fabbi, Director of Progettinfanzia, who for a long time participates in different levels at the educational services in the Bassa Reggiana, offers a key to this unique and original path.

Via Bellini, 7, 42016 Guastalla, Reggio nell’Emilia – Italy

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